Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Giving thanks!

Earrings all lined up!
Cute owl cards

These cute little matching earrings are all ready to be given out on Thanksgiving Day! They were made using some left over 'cup of bead soup' beads donated by Crystal of 'Bead Happily Ever After' that I didn't get a chance to use. See a few posts back to see what I created with Crystal's cool vintage beads!

The black and gold beads are vintage (from Crystal's shop) and the crystals are from Fire Mountain Gems. The cute owl earring cards I found on etsy (my secret for now until I write up a special tag/packaging post soon).

I wanted to use harvest tones for the crystals but the blue looked so good I had to include it too. I'm going to have to make more to give out all weekend to any visitors that come by! My way of 'giving thanks' to those family and friends for putting up with me all year. ;)


Saturday, November 10, 2012

Cup of Bead Soup Reveal! {Bead Happily Ever After}

'Red Hot' earrings
I made two sets of earring & necklace combos with my cup of bead soup stash. At this time, that's an accomplishment in itself! Just not enough hours in the day recently. {When I get more stuff created using the remainder of these beads I'll be sure to post!---Also, sorry about the pics not being the greatest. Had to use my phone this time around.}
Here's the first combo made...
---#1 Set---
The pic above shows the earrings I made (by now you probably know that I gravitate towards earrings) using the vintage red beads from the cup of bead soup. The small swarovski pearl beads in black and gold are set on each side along with a crystal rondelle from my collection.
The pic below shows another red bead from the cup of soup...
'Red Hot' necklace
'Red Hot' combo
My take on a tassel necklace.
On display!
This necklace looks even better in person against black clothing! I love the long length of it and the small red vintage bead is still the star of the show (in my opinion). I am tending towards simple with just a touch of bling with the rhinestone chain and the crystal rondelle. Black & brass chain and a black/gold bead, all from my stash finish off this design.

I hope you enjoyed this first set of was fun wearing it around the house trying it on for size! ;)

                                                                         ---#2 Set---

What a retro vibe! When I saw the 2 same sized light blue beads from the cup of bead soup, I knew I had to make earrings. (No surprise there right?!) But, then the 2 goldish knot beads caught my eye and I knew I had to pair them together. Very 80's!

'Retro' earrings

 Another long necklace.
 Matching large blue bead makes a statement!
 On display!
Another long necklace was created using the matching large blue bead from the cup of bead soup. Then, I saw the antiqued gold rose bead and everything flowed from there! The dark round bead with gold etching was perfect for this style necklace. I can drop the blue pendant bead straight through the round bead and adjust this necklace as needed. Chain from my collection, with matching blue beads rounded out this design.
I also modeled this necklace around the house and really loved how it looked against black. I'm sure it would look great against white too! Don't know yet if I can part with this one. ;)
Thank you Lori for hosting this fun little cup of bead soup! And a big thank you to Bead Happily Ever After for the beautiful vintage beads you provided for us to play with and create!

Thursday, November 08, 2012


Hi there! Sorry I've been away for a while. Things look busy until next year too! Learning to enjoy life...because its too short.

The above pic is a little something my giveaway winner received recently. It shipped all the way to Australia! So exciting!

Check back here on Sat. Nov10th for my 'Cup of Bead Soup' post! I wish I had more time to create more stuff with all the beads given but time was not on my side. Why does it seem there is less time as we get older? Time does fly by too fast. Remember to stop and enjoy those precious moments with loved ones!