Wednesday, August 06, 2014

1 Necklace...3 Photo Looks {Mother's Day Necklace - Part 3 of 3}

Angel Wing necklace w/ background props.
I used a allover color tone with this photo.
This necklace is special to me because it's mine.
It represents me, my kids, and my mom.
I've been meaning to post earlier but the summer has just flown by!
This pic was actually taken on a very white cake stand.
I then added a "sun-washed" vintage color to this pic.
When editing my photos of this necklace I tried out 3 different looks.

When taking these pics I was picturing a darker grunge look.
I applied a frame to the pic and added a pattern to the background.

Hope you enjoyed the pics! I plan on adding some to my shop. Contact me if you can't wait. ;)

 photo font_zps22157b21.png
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