Saturday, April 13, 2013

Makeover: The Cory Necklace

Before: The Cory Necklace
This is the second makeover project I have worked on. (The first was 'The Steph Necklace'...see past post.) My sister, Cory, gave me this necklace to fix for her. One end of it had come apart. But, since I had this necklace so long (she actually forgot I had it!), I decided it was ready for a change. 

After: 2 pairs of earrings...
I created 2 pairs of earrings first. She loves earrings and I only wanted to use the beads from the necklace so she could see the transformation. I grouped the beads together that I wanted to use for each pair and wire wrapped some of them.  

And a bookmark!

But, I had a few random beads left that I didn't know what to do with. So, I created a little bookmark using a headpin and some ribbon. Very easy to make...think I need to make myself some with left over beads! My sister loved her old new jewelry. Stay tuned for my next makeover project coming soon!

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