Saturday, October 19, 2013

Saturday Sale for my blog friends!

Special savings on my some of my published designs!

Visit my sale just for my blog friends & visitors at:

"Flower Charm" w/ vintage little picture lockets

"Lavender Fields"

"Fancy Pink Rosette"

"April Showers" vintage green/white  beads

"Little Owls" {published in Jewelry Stringing}

"Sunday Brunch" 

"Purple Life Saver" featuring a vintage purple bead

"Copper Squared" {published in Jewelry Stringing} w/ vintage copper beads

"May Flowers"

"Vintage Acorn" {published in 101 Bracelets Necklaces and Earrings '12}
w/ vintage bead caps

'Vintage Carnelian & Turquoise' {published in Stringing mag} w/
vintage orange-red carnelian beads

'Vintage Verde' {published in Stringing mag}

'Cherry Blossom' {published in 101 Bracelets, Necklaces & Earrings '12}

'Early Spring' {published in Bead Trends} --- {Last pair!}
w/ vintage flower cabs

'Red Mistletoe' {published in Bead Trends mag}

'Vintage Glitter Snowballs' {published in Stringing mag} w/
vintage glitter beads

'Winterberries' {published in Stringing mag}

Roxanne is a published jewelry designer living in California.
She creates in her studio surrounded by the people and things she loves.
You can find her designs at elements...mixed media...
"roxi designs to bring a little sunshine to your day"