Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Pastels or Brights...

{lavender fields}

{retro wind chime}

These Spring-themed earrings will be available at my etsy shop in the next couple of days. These earrings were created a while ago when spring was no where in sight! The first pair (lavender fields), was created using a small section of chain and some beads from a retail store. I didn't like the silver bead caps they came with so I changed them out. You don't always have to use things they way they are intended!

As for the second pic (retro wind chime), I found some vintage copper chain that had cute little colorful beads throughout the chain. Then, I created the 'wind chime' by bringing each bead section up to the oval link. None of the chain was cut to create this look. These are really quick & easy to create as well as fun & flirty to wear!


Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A Bracelet Challenge

I signed up for this challenge! It's my first bracelet challenge. I haven't really got into making bracelets for a while so this will be a challenge. I looked back to previous posts to see what had sold.

Here's some bracelets I made in the past...

Nikko Blue

The colors in this bracelet (above) remind me of a 'Nikko Blue' Hydrangea. This one is an interlocking double-strand bracelet.

Pretty in Pink

These are 'stackable' bracelets. Both bracelets can be worn alone or tied together with a matching ribbon.

Here are my most recent bracelets created:

A Mother's Love

Happiness {sold}
 These last two bracelets aren't really the style for the challenge so it will be a challenge to switch gears. I will come back to post what I create for this challenge on the reveal date!...


Thursday, March 15, 2012

Love Leopard {Print}!

{Leopard Rosette}

These earrings are a recent custom order. I used some heart-shaped, leopard rosette, shell print beads. Then, I added antiqued brass accents with a hanging smokey grey swarovski crystal in the center of the large ovals. For a custom pair, contact me here.

While browsing etsy today I found some accessories to match the earrings...
{scarf found at etsy}

{recycled makeup bag found at etsy}

Have a good rest of the week!


Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Foiled Again {Rings}

{Blue and Orange - Perfect summer combo!} Pin It

I will be adding these fun rings to my etsy shop this week!
They are a very limited edition design for me.
The focal is a rare, vintage, Japanese Foil Cabochon.

{Foiled Again - Rings} Pin It

The Blue ring is set in a brass adjustable ring setting.
The Orange ring is set in an antiqued copper ring setting.
Click here to visit my etsy shop.

Color Inspiration:

Blue & Orange color(s) complement each other.
I just happened to buy these beads together from my supplier and didn't realize, at the time, why I was attracted to the two colors! Below, is a color swatch I found at Design Seeds.

What are your favorite colors to wear?
If you design jewelry, what colors do you like to create with the most?
Have a wonderful week,