Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Pastels or Brights...

{lavender fields}

{retro wind chime}

These Spring-themed earrings will be available at my etsy shop in the next couple of days. These earrings were created a while ago when spring was no where in sight! The first pair (lavender fields), was created using a small section of chain and some beads from a retail store. I didn't like the silver bead caps they came with so I changed them out. You don't always have to use things they way they are intended!

As for the second pic (retro wind chime), I found some vintage copper chain that had cute little colorful beads throughout the chain. Then, I created the 'wind chime' by bringing each bead section up to the oval link. None of the chain was cut to create this look. These are really quick & easy to create as well as fun & flirty to wear!



Alice said...


I used to love pastel colors, but lately I lean more towards earthy or brights. I love both of you earrings, but my favorite is the retro wind chimes. They are perfect for summer!

Pretty Things said...

Oh my gosh how lovely! And I love the other pieces on your blog -- gorgeous!