Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A Bracelet Challenge

I signed up for this challenge! It's my first bracelet challenge. I haven't really got into making bracelets for a while so this will be a challenge. I looked back to previous posts to see what had sold.

Here's some bracelets I made in the past...

Nikko Blue

The colors in this bracelet (above) remind me of a 'Nikko Blue' Hydrangea. This one is an interlocking double-strand bracelet.

Pretty in Pink

These are 'stackable' bracelets. Both bracelets can be worn alone or tied together with a matching ribbon.

Here are my most recent bracelets created:

A Mother's Love

Happiness {sold}
 These last two bracelets aren't really the style for the challenge so it will be a challenge to switch gears. I will come back to post what I create for this challenge on the reveal date!...


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