Friday, June 29, 2012

Bella Bead Jewelry {Hearts for Hannah}

My new blogging friend over at Bella Bead Jewelry is wrapping up her fundraiser called 'Hearts for Hannah.' Head over to her blog & etsy shop before these hearts are all gone! All proceeds go to Joining Hearts and Hands in memory of Hannah. I'm happy to be a part of this fundraiser by supporting Linda at Bella Beads and keeping Hannah's memory alive. Please visit Linda's blog to read Hannah's story.


Saturday, June 09, 2012

Makeover: The Steph Necklace

The Steph Necklace - Before pic

A friend of mine {Steph} gave me the necklace above to fix for her. The wire at the clasp was worn and needing repair. I'm embarassed to say I have had this necklace for a long time...let's just leave it at that! Also, these pics aren't my best pics but I was determined to get something taken to show you.

As you can see the necklace above was a heavy, chunky style which is fine and I had no intention of changing it. But once I took it apart it had a mind of its own! And since I had it so long I knew she wouldn't mind me changing the look of it. So, I decided to group the similar beads together, add chain, and add a focal.

After pic
After grouping the similar beads together the necklace needed something...a seperation with a focal bead. I didn't want the focal bead to really be the focus but more of a seperator inbetween the bead groupings. But, I wanted everything to still flow well together. I like that this necklace looks asymetrical and is long so no clasp is needed!

After pic...I even had extra beads to make matching earrings!
However, it doesn't have to be worn asymetrical and has a nice long chain. This necklace fits easily over the head because it's long. Who doesn't love quick & easy? Not to mention the matching earrings made this fun makeover project complete! And, I'm glad Steph loved it!


Friday, June 01, 2012

Published designs in Stringing {Summer}

Have you seen the Summer edition of Jewelry Stringing? It is jam packed with lots of inspiration to carry you through the summer months happily creating your own jewelry. I am honored to have 2 earring designs in this issue!

#4...As shown on page 58.
I had the best time creating these {above} earrings! I created my own faux patina on the top rose beads. (You can find these beads at my etsy shop.) Orange and Turquoise is always a pretty summer combination. I can picture these earrings paired with a white sun dress!

#2...As shown on page 58.
The earrings above are called 'Calm Seas.' The were inspired by the beach and the serenity of just being close to nature. I like to use vintage beads in my designs. I typically use uncirculated vintage beads in my designs and love mixing old and new elements together!  To find out which beads are vintage, and not as hard to find as you may think, pick up a copy of the summer issue of Stringing on newstands now.