Friday, December 16, 2011

Earrings & an Angel

{heart earrings all ready to ship}

These are all for one customer and ready to ship! I have more orders to get ready and then I can rest. Today I took a break and visited my favorite etsy bead shops. Because of them I can create the earrings I design. Can't wait to receive everything I've purchased and to come up with new jewelry designs this new year!

In the meantime, I just look at my holiday decor {I went with white & silver this year} and let the stress of the season melt away while I remember the true meaning of Christmas.
 {angel on my mantel}


Saturday, December 10, 2011

Jewelry bags all in a row!

{my new jewelry bags}

I just had to take a quick pic after embellishing my new cotton/muslin jewelry bags! I know they are not really 'christmas-y' but I have quite a few orders I need to get going on. These bags have a stenciled letter initial for the gift recipient...with glitter added of course!

I did them in a dark blue, lighter blue, and a green. I have a few more to make and jewelry to make to fill the bags before I officially take a holiday and spend time with family and friends and start all over next year!

{I will be taking orders until Dec. 15th...for any earrings seen in print, on my website, or at my etsy shop.}

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year,


Tuesday, December 06, 2011

As seen in Bead Trends {Dec. 2011}!!!

{As seen in Bead Trends Dec. '11, pg 44}
Please note: Pic taken with my phone.
 {Thank you Bead Trends!}  

I finally got my hands on a copy to see how my earrings turned out...needless to say I was and am still in awe of the photography and concept for the photo. I really love how the design team interpreted my earring design in their layout and pairing it with the white tree/wood background. It's amazing to see something I created in print!

To make this an even more amazing day the above pair of earrings have already sold! I will be creating a limited edition amount that I will be adding to my etsy shop, so stay tuned. If you can't wait, just let me know and reserve your pair today! I can still get it out to you before the holidays but Dec. 15th will be the deadline to receive before Christmas.

Have a wonderful holiday season!


Monday, December 05, 2011

Creative Spaces

{my creative space}

Finally had time recently to organize my little creative space. Take a look above! It's already become a little disorganized but at least I can remember how it looked for a couple days. ;)

{my dream creative space} 
Photo: La Dolce Vita blog       

I love the desk shown above! I have created at the dinner table, the coffee table, and in my little 'office' space. But, one can dream....right!     


Thursday, December 01, 2011

As seen in Stringing...

Here are the other 2 pairs of earrings that are shown in the Winter 2011 issue of Stringing magazine! (pg 54-55)...

{winterberry earrings}
{vintage glitter snowballs}

I do have a limited amount of each pair of earrings available. Just contact me for details.

Thank you to those customers old and new who have placed their orders this week! :)