Monday, May 11, 2015

My Mother's Day gift for mom

This is what I made for my mom this Mother's Day!
Every year I like to make her something and this year
it was this ring. I hand painted it in her favorite colors!
Here are some basic directions to make your own:
So what I did was get a vintage earring
and take the clip on part off. Then you gently clean the
earring and let dry. Pick some acrylic paint colors you want to use.
(I only used 2 colors based off the flower design.)

I then mixed equal parts paint and Mod Podge (I'm sure you can use
a similar crafters glue if you want. This is just what I had on hand).
Dab the paint/glue mixture onto the parts of the earring or metal
you want to paint. Some areas may need extra mixture applied
and that's ok. Let dry.
Gently file the raised edges for a vintage-y look (I used

a nail file). Seal with a clear spray gloss. Let dry.
Add to your ring blank as necessary.
And it's that easy to make your vintage inspired ring!

 photo font_zps22157b21.png

Roxanne is a published jewelry designer living in California.
She creates in her studio surrounded by the people and things she loves.
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