Monday, January 22, 2007

I've been tagged!

I've been tagged by *Diva Deb*! I have to list 6 weird things about me...

Ok, #1: I bite my nails during scary movies. I mean they are like gone once the movie ends!
#2: I like scary movies! An example would be something recent like the 'Saw 3'...just saw this one the other night and yes I am in desperate need of a manicure!
#3: I like hot foods and liquids. This is kind of two answers but first the food has to be stove hot. If its just warm I won't eat it. Have to microwave it, etc. Or coffee drinks need to be very hot or I won't drink them.
#4: I put tabasco sauce on just about everything! Examples (that I have been told are 'weird')would be white rice & french fries.
#5: I like soap operas and have been watching them since before I entered kindergarten. My grandma is responsible for that one! I've even been known to watch the spanish ones just to watch a soap opera.
#6: I take my shoes off when I get home. Don't think this one is that weird but I just feel more comfortable without shoes on. I even wanted to move to Hawaii so I could go to school in flip flops!
Ok, so do I have to tag someone else now?! How about Debbie O.!

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